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How is this working?
In the search box, type in the key words necessary for search, for example:
blue tooth or +blue +tooth will retrieve results that contain all the words.
"blue tooth" will retrieve results that contain the exact phrase.
"blue tooth" -dentist will retrieve results that contain the exact phrase "blue tooth" and not the word "dentist"

The tabs helps you to define in which category you want to search.

In the preferences you can set next settings:
The adult filter option tries, and only tries, to eliminate the most XXX sites possible from all results of your search.
The grouped by domain option groups results per domain name, so you get only one result for each domain in the results.
Selecting results per page lets you choose how many results you want on the results page.

We at are very proud of our Search ranking. Each result has a search rank which shows the number of points that the site has collected during the search. The number of points is defined in two ways: by the positioning of the site in the search results of all search engines, and by the number of searched words. In the case of blue tooth, for example, if some site from AltaVista stands in the 3rd place in our search, this will give 10 points to the site. However, if the same site stands in the 2nd place in Google's search, then it gets an additional 15 points. Further more, the number of points obtained after counting the number of searched words in the title, description and address of the site are added to the total sum of points. Of course, the sites with the biggest scores can be found at the top of the results given.

Site info gives you the opportunity to, for example check the last date when any changes have been made in the site, the type of server on which the site is located, the number of links pointing to this site, Who is information and other information.

Alexa info is in fact an interface for a known service named Alexa, through which you can get the information as to where the specific site ranks in number of visits,, The smaller the number the higher the ranking iis. Also, you can get the sites that are related to the specific site.

Cached get Google cached copy of the page

Time machine takes you back in time :)

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